Message from the Congress Organisers

Message from the Congress Organisers

“We would like to extend the invitation to all participants to practice sustainability throughout their participation at WEEC2024 from planning their journey to visiting us at the venue.

Your involvement and support in these environmentally conscious endeavours are crucial in making WEEC 2024 a model for sustainable conferences and promoting environmental education worldwide.”

Leading by Example

We at WEEC implement sustainable practices throughout the event.

Reducing Paper Usage: As part of our commitment to environmental conservation, all congress programmes, materials, posters, and other content will be available online. Presenting all information on digital platforms reduces the need for printed materials, thereby minimising associated wastage and allowing for seamless access to information for participants. In alignment with these principles, we extend our focus on sustainability to merchandise and promotional items. Our approach involves utilising sustainable materials for any merchandise or promotional items ensuring all merchandise is designed to be reusable and long-lasting further emphasising our dedication to a greener event.

Plastic-Free Initiative:
  Dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics and curbing plastic pollution, we actively invite all

participants to unite in this mission by bringing reusable water bottles and containers. Our commitment aligns with innovative practices such as the introduction of specialised water stations that convert air into drinkable water. Similarly, our on-site food vendors contribute to this eco-friendly cause by exclusively offering biodegradable disposable tableware, underscoring our shared responsibility for a sustainable event experience.

Circular Waste Management:  With a circular waste management approach, we ensure to reduce, re-use and recycle to minimise waste to landfill across all our services. With a combination of smart technology that minimises energy and water consumption and a robust recycling programme, we practice some unique sustainable techniques such as converting used cooking oil from the venue kitchens into bio-diesel onsite that powers vehicles such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts at the venue and food waste is converted into liquid compost and is used in landscaping around the building.

Streamlined Supply Chain:  We prioritise a streamlined supply chain fostering close ties with food producers to bolster local commerce and curtail environmental repercussions tied to logistics.

Sustainable Catering: Embracing the prevailing trends and being mindful of nature, we focus on locally sourced ingredients that offer vegan alternatives while recognising the ecological impact of meat production. Similarly, we endorse plant-based meals underscoring their lesser environmental footprint.

Zero Food Waste: Aligned with our sustainability approach, our initiative educates participants on waste segregation and recycling, bolstering the local manufacturing sector through processing recycled products. Food waste transforms into compost and animal feed via a mobile solution, benefiting local farms. 

 Leading by Example
The Venue’s Pledge Towards a Sustainable Future

The Venue’s Pledge Towards a Sustainable Future

As the venue is the reflection of the event, the latest edition of WEEC will be taking place at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) as the venue support and practices sustainability in numerous ways.

ADNEC is committed to ensure the sustainable development of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) industry in the UAE, regionally and worldwide. Being among the first UAE entities to make a Net Zero Carbon Events pledge and winning multiple sustainability awards, ADNEC is leading the industry as it actively promotes and advocates for environmentally friendly industry efforts throughout the value chain.

ADNEC Group has pledged to produce Net Zero Carbon Footprint events by 2050 with the vision of supporting and creating a greener future within the MICE industry. This pledge also supports the UAE's Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative to reduce carbon emissions. This progressive approach has given the UAE the leading position in the MENA region making it the first country to make a Net Zero pledge and to quickly enforce sustainable practices on a grand scale right away. This also reflects positively on the event as the vision and values work in line with ADNEC's sustainability pledge making it the perfect host for the 12th edition of WEEC.

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