Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technologies

Smart technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly playing a significant role in education today, especially with students, parents, and others relying on supportive technical resources. Smart technologies bring many transformations to teaching, supporting different age groups by increasing their knowledge. Interactive technology tools can foster people’s engagement in environmental activities and sustainable development projects, raising awareness about the environment and natural resources and promoting understanding of ecological issues.

We welcome research and practice submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Opportunities and challenges in using AI, virtual reality, and smart technologies. The use of geospatial technologies in EE.
  • The effectiveness of smart technologies in citizen science & EE. The role of mass media and digital technologies (radio, television & journalism) in EE. Effectiveness of social media as a tool.
  • The socio-ecological issues related to the intensive use of smart technologies: impacts related to exploitation of rare metals, energy consumption, waste management, human health, social inequities.
  • How artificial intelligence and smart technology transforms environmental education.
  • The role of smart technology of providing access to EE for students with special needs.

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