Tackling the Triple Planetary Crisis: Climate Change; Pollution and Biodiversity Loss

Today, we face the intertwined challenges of climate change, natural degradation, and pollution, referred to as the Triple Planetary Crisis. The science is clear; we are putting extreme pressure on our ‘only planet’ due to unsustainable production and consumption.

Investing in nature-based solutions and responding to the “Code Red” announced by the UN Secretary-General requires educators to invest more in critical thinking, values development, holistic approaches and building innovative skills and competencies to adapt and respond to these crises.

We welcome research and practice submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Best practices and experiences related to EE in protecting ecosystems and natural resources, including biodiversity, fragile ecosystems, climate change, pollution, preserving the soil and combating desertification, cultural diversity, etc.
  • Innovative EE proposals with a transformative perspective that critically analyse the actual socioeconomic model from ethical, social, economic, and environmental dimensions by addressing issues related to lifestyles, production of goods and their consumption and seeking solutions for the future.

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