Water, Food, and Energy Nexus in Environmental Education

The United Nations states that the water-food-energy nexus is central to sustainable development. Driven by inclusive progress, the demand for all three is increasing, with significant implications for water, food, and energy security. The inextricable linkages between these critical domains require a suitably integrated approach to ensuring water and food security and sustainable agriculture and energy production worldwide.

WEEC 2024 in Abu Dhabi provides a context for discourse among EE practitioners and experts. We welcome research and practice submissions, including but not limited to:

  • How to communicate issues arising from the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to educate and involve people? There is no healthy food without a healthy
    environment and, by extension, no healthy economy. How can we educate about water, energy, and food issues through a nexus lens?
  • How to measure the level of awareness of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus and public support in a specific region and what is the public attitudes among this region regarding this issue.
  • Understanding innovative initiatives for governing Water-Energy-Food Nexus in cities.

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