Session Formats

A 15-minute oral presentation highlights the main themes of the research, viewpoint, or educational project. The presentations will be grouped in sessions, in which a 15-minute interactive period of discussion will follow up after three presentations.

Round table paper sessions provide an excellent opportunity for interactive presentation styles through a 60-minute session. These sessions can provide more intimate opportunities to share work and to get to know other Congress participants. Individual presenters are assigned to numbered 10-seats tables in rooms where interested participants may gather for discussion with the presenter about his/her paper or project. This format is particularly appropriate for presentations addressing topics best pursued through extensive discussion. These discussions will be held in English.

Pecha Kucha has a fixed format in which presenters need to prepare 20 slides, which automatically advance every 20 seconds. The presentations will be grouped in sessions in which after the 7-minute presentation, the chair opens a 5-minute discussion.

60-minute workshop sessions are organized by a team of facilitators responsible for the content and the dynamics of the interactive activity. Participants will be invited to explore an issue (or specific challenge, research question), contribute to the construction of a joint project, experiment with a pedagogical strategy/teaching format, or carry out other collaborative, experiential activities. A brief overview of the issue and objectives will be presented, after which the major part of the workshop will be devoted to participatory and active learning techniques to enable participants to bring their contributions to the table.

Presentation Slides Submission Guidelines

Download the WEEC template and prepare your presentation. Please follow the format of the given template and only upload it as a PowerPoint presentation. 

Please Note:
For Oral Communication and Workshop speakers, you may upload a PowerPoint presentation.
For Round Table speakers, you do not have to upload a PowerPoint presentation.
For Pecha Kucha speakers, it is mandatory to upload a PowerPoint presentation.


Click: Download Template

Log in to our Presentation Submission Portal using your credentials or create a new account using your email on file. 

Click: Submission Portal

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the platform to upload your presentation file. 

Ensure your presentation is uploaded by January 27, 2024.

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