Connect with Nature Frame of Mind

  • Time : 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm
  • Location : Capital Suite 1
  • Date : Monday 29 January 2024
Connect with Nature Frame of Mind


“The "Connect with Nature Frame of Mind" is a transformative journey that emphasizes four essential stages: Heart (commitment), Head (knowledge), Hands (skills), and Voice (amplify). It starts with a heartfelt connection to nature, driving a deep commitment. Next comes the pursuit of knowledge, where intellectual questioning becomes the norm. With newfound understanding, one takes action through acquired skills. Finally, their voice becomes a powerful force, inspiring and leading others. This framework ensures that individuals engage with nature authentically, driving positive change effectively and passionately.

This session begins with a presentation of the CWN model and it’s success over the years, followed by breakout discussions to discover actionable recommendations from the educators with how to use Experiential Environmental Education to build compassion for nature and each other.”




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