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Youth Environmental Education Conference (YEEC) is a special programme for youth.

Youth Environmental Education Conference (YEEC)
in line with the 12th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  |  29th January – 2nd February 2024


The Youth Environmental Education Conference, which runs in line and is mainstreamed to the World Environmental Education Congress, is a platform that provides opportunities to engage youth in Environmental Education, and articulate their thoughts, challenges, address their interests, concerns, and goals. Additionally, YEEC provide opportunities for youth to engage with practitioners in the design, process and implementation of Environmental Education initiatives and programmes.

The conference will be a platform for the youth to speak their minds, build knowledge, network with international fellow youth and learn from each other.

Furthermore, youth will have the chance to be seated at the table and discuss insights, recommendations, and the way forward in the Environmental Education Field.

This global event will fulfil the curiosity of the participants by learning about Abu Dhabi nature, visiting some of its best nature sites, and experiencing local heritage of Abu Dhabi, during the most pleasant season of the year.

Your presence will be highly valuable.

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The Goals of YEEC

YEEC participants and audience

  • Open to participants aged 13 – 30 years from around the world.
  • Youngsters: (13 -17 years)
  • Young Adults (18-21 years)
  • Young Professionals (22-30 years)

YEEC is open to environmentalists, sustainability, and educational initiatives and programs (for example Sustainable schools, Eco schools, Climate Activists, Young reporters, Youth from Fridays for Future, Roots and Shoots, Scouts and other national or local programs, initiatives, as well as individuals and non-formal groups engaged in environmental or sustainable topics).

We welcome all youths of the Conference on-site only.

For more information contact: YEEC@weec2024.org


Important Note:

Students below 18 years will need to be nominated through their school which will be communicated to the Organising Committee directly. This will be considered as a visit from the school based on timings and dates of attendance from the students. There will be no fees charged for the visit, however, any meals, logistics, and transportation will be the responsibility of the school. A guardian nominated from the school must accompany the students during the visit.

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